Services for Executives and Business Owners

Corporate executives and closely held business owners face very unique challenges such as concentration of net worth, tax traps and legal restrictions. Any one of these obstacles, if not properly considered, can erode the benefits of a well-constructed plan. Our specialized knowledge and experience allow us to help diagnose potential problems well in advance and develop holistic strategies that will effectively help guide corporate executives and/or business owners to and through the major liquidity events that could affect their family's lives.

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Tackling Your Complex
Financial Issues

Because you are a corporate executive, your compensation package probably includes a significant portion of stock options, restricted stock and other equity-based grants. As a result, you may face unique investment challenges.

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Planning for a Business Exit        

Developing an effective strategy includes planning on several levels. Because a stable business is worth more than an unstable one, creating a seamless transition is essential to maximize the owner's investments.

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Important Information for Holders
of Stock Options

Employee stock options can be one of the most valuable benefits companies provide as part of a benefits package. However, the financial consequences of exercising them can be quite confusing and varied, depending on the features of the options that have been granted.

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Employee Stock 
Ownership Plans

An ESOP Plan can be used as a tool for business owners to extract equity from their company without having to sell to a third party and lose control.

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Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

Many individuals participate in qualified retirement plans — generally 401(k)s — that include investments in employer  securities. Employer securities might include stocks, bonds, or debentures with the employer company, a parent company, or a subsidiary company. A mistake that many employees make is rolling this stock into an IRA when they change jobs or retire without considering alternatives. This decision can be costly. 

A little-known concept, net unrealized appreciation (NUA) is a topic that retirement plan participants should understand when facing decisions about their distributions.

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