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Our firm offers comprehensive wealth management services and extensive products tailored to the needs of individuals, families, executives, businesses and professional organizations.

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Your Personal Chief Financial Officer

  • Like a CFO, we take over the business of organizing and managing your wealth

  • Backed by a hertiage of financial strength and led by our committed team of professionals, our strategies help clients have confidence in the longevity of their wealth plan



Commitment To You

  • WealthPoint Advantage includes an organized set of planning steps, structured meetings with detailed agendas for easy client follow-through, and regular follow ups to help keep clients on track
  • Proactive planning identifies areas of risk and opportunity. We coordinate with our clients and other trusted professionals to address the total financial picture
  • Our team is constantly evolving and staying on the cutting edge of thought leadership in wealth management and strategic investment technique


Premier-Level Client Service: Our premier-level client service promotes long-term relationships. We actively build client relationships with thoughtful timely responses to questions and concerns.
Envision®  Planning

  • The Envision® tool assists in tracking your progress as we re-sync and re-think your plan whenever necessary
  • The Envision process lets you "try on" new goals or ideas. For example, if you are thinking about retiring early or starting a business, the Envision tool can tell you how adding such goals could affect your ability to achieve your objectives

  • Chart your progress:  Following "the dot" and staying in the "Target Zone" serves as your personal benchmark indicating when life events create a need to re-evaluate how changes affect your goals and priorities

Envision Financial Forecasting Tool: Our Envision planning methodology allows us to run scenarios, project cash flows and adjust strategies to help you sustain your lifestyle through retirement. The Envision Priority cards help you and your spouse clarify your financial goals and prioritize your objectives. Learn More
Client Experience
  • As we begin to work together, we engage in a series of thoughtful conversations to identify and prioritize your goals, values and dreams

  • Our work continues as we develop your personalized investment policy and build and execute your investment strategy

  • To make sure you have the proper tools to monitor your plan we meet with you to review available resources, including statements, reports and online access

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