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Ongoing financial education helps empower clients to be good stewards of their wealth. Hertel & Konish Wealth Management Group has access to a vast library of articles on a wide spectrum of topics. Below is a sampling of pieces from our library. Check back often for timely articles.

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2016 Charitable Giving Techniques


2017 Year-End Planning Checklist





Education Planning

Saving for College

Introduction to College Financial Aid


Estate Planning Strategies

Guide to Estate Settlement

Five Most Important Estate Planning Documents

Understanding Beneficiary Designations


Medicare/Healthcare/Social Security

Important Social Security Claiming Strategy Changes

How to Create an Online Social Security Account

Healthcare & Retirement

Medicare Basics


Tax Information

Eight Timely Ideas That May Cut Your Tax Bill

Understanding the Taxability of Investments

Understanding Capital Gains and Losses


Quarterly Newsletter Archive

November 2017, Year-End Planning: Tips & Tools

August 2017, Talking to Elders About Their Finances 

May 2017, Money Conversations to Have Before Marriage


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